Scammed by an xpersonals sites

Posted by admin under xpersonals scam report on Friday Jul 27, 2012

As The title of this post say, if you believe that you have been scammed by any adult dating site also known as xpersonals or x-personals sites then you have landed to the right place to report it. We also advice you that even when we have no way to take a legal actions against those sites we can help others surfers to not been scammed by those f***ers raising the voice and spreading it thru the whole internet, taking down his reputation.

There are many sites we have found on the internet trying to help raising the voice or at least that is what they say, Myself reported some of the sites I’ve noticed can be scam and they haven’t do anything, not even published my complaint and I got so frustrated that decide to start this project with some friends of mine which has been scamed at least once by any xpersonals or adult dating site.


We highly suggest you to report to us any fraudulent or site that you might think it is fraudulent to us so we can check them and start the process to take them down, and if you can provide us evidence of the scam like date, amount of money and other kind of prove it will be great. That definitely will do our task easier.


Xpersonalsscam admin.
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